Doctor Care Anywhere reports £11.6m revenue

Dr Bayju Thakar, founder and chief executive of Doctor Care Anywhere

Digital health services provider Doctor Care Anywhere has reported revenue of £11.6 million for 2020, up 102.1% on 2019.

The company said it now covers 2.2 million eligible lives, up 186.2% on the previous year, and at the end of the year had activated 432,500 of those lives.

Doctor Care Anywhere added that it conducted more than 1,300 consultations in a single day in November, a new record.

Dr Bayju Thakar, founder and chief executive of Doctor Care Anywhere, said: “We continue to see robust growth in consultation volumes across all channel partners, as new and existing patients become accustomed to adopting digital healthcare into their everyday lives. Consultations have grown over 300% on the prior corresponding period and this demand has helped deliver positive financial outcomes for DOC while demonstrating that we are providing a much-needed service to patients across the UK and Ireland.

“The pandemic has accelerated a long-overdue digitisation of the healthcare industry. Both patients and healthcare practitioners are growing more comfortable with remote diagnosis and treatment. Our patients are benefiting from faster and more convenient access to healthcare. Clinicians are appreciating the flexibility of working at a place and time of their choosing and the efficiency of single electronic health records stored in the cloud. Our insurance partners are also seeing the cost savings that can be achieved by controlling the patient journey and reducing unnecessary interventions.

Doctor Care Anywhere stated that it is focused on increasing activations and consultations across its existing membership base, growing its membership base through new channel partner agreements, and adding higher margin diagnostic referral pathways and services to its platform.

Date published: January 28, 2021

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