Electronic health data start-up uMed raises £3.7m

Healthtech start-up uMed has raised £3.7 million from investors AlbionVC, Delin Ventures and Playfair Capital, as well as Silicon Valley’s 11.2 Capital.

London-based uMed’s platform automates the clinical study process, creating patient registries that combine electronic health data with data from each patient which can include genomic and biomarker samples. This automation allows all healthcare providers, from GP practices to hospitals, to participate in multiple research programmes simultaneously.

uMed founder Dr Matt Wilson said: “Our technology can support healthcare providers in finding appropriate patients to participate in medical research, including large-scale patient registries which usually demands laborious, manual processes on top of their already complex and heavy workloads.

“As our technology is uniquely able to reach back compliantly from the electronic health record to the patients, the process for building research registries can be heavily automated. It means clinicians can focus on patient care, while patients are given the opportunity to participate in many more studies from home with full transparency over use of their health records.”

In October last year, uMed secured almost £1 million in seed investment from Playfair Capital.

Date published: December 1, 2020

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