OCL Vision: Paresh Patel

Paresh Patel

London-based eye clinic OCL Vision has appointed Paresh Patel as chief executive.

Patel is a non-executive director at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust and was previously managing director at Optegra, a nationwide chain of eye hospitals that has expanded into Germany and central Europe.

Founded in 2018, OCL Vision is home to more than a dozen consultant eye surgeons and operates from two clinics in central London and Hertfordshire.

OCL Vision’s clinic on London’s New Cavendish Street recently become the first in the UK to offer a new form of keyhole laser eye surgery, following its acquisition of an advanced laser, the Schwind ATOS.

Patel said: “The high cost of the most sophisticated surgical technology has put it out of reach for all but the best-funded, specialist eye clinics, and this is why our ATOS laser is one of only 20 in use in the world. By investing in the very best equipment and the most skilled   experienced surgeons, our goal is to cement OCL Vision’s reputation as the UK’s leading provider of world-class centres of surgical excellence, where eye patients will enjoy treatment options and outcomes they won’t get anywhere else.

“Over the next year we’ll be expanding our number of clinics and growing our team of highly specialised and skilled surgeons. We also want to make it easier for eye patients to get access to wraparound private care quickly and seamlessly, so we’ll be extending and deepening our relationships with front-line optometrists through a pioneering shared care model.”

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