Motilent receives funding to aid treatment of Crohn’s Disease

Charles Wheeldon
May 17, 2022

London-based Motilent, which specialises in the assessment of digestive diseases using artificial intelligence medical image analysis, has received £1.2 million in National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) funding to develop and roll out its technology into more than 10 UK hospitals, including UCLH, Nottingham University Hospital and Frimley Park Hospital.

The funding will be used in the fight against Crohn’s Disease, a painful, debilitating inflammatory bowel condition that affects 115,000 people in the UK, with 33% diagnosed before age 21. Currently, anti-inflammatory medications are the standard of care. However, for the 40% who do not experience inflammatory symptoms, these medications are ineffective and can cause severe side effects.

Building on its initial £685,000 investment, NIHR has awarded an additional £562,000 to Motilent to support the rollout of the company’s post-processing software GIQuant to NHS trusts across the UK.

Motilent’s chief executive Alex Menys said: “One of the first questions we are asked is ‘who else is using GIQuant?’ and through this grant we have an opportunity to really drive the tech into a lot of different types of hospitals and give the clinical community the time and resource to see how GIQuant can fit their workflows. This of course builds on regulatory clearance and a large number of published papers, but there is no substitution for hands on use.”

Raffaella Roncone, head of innovation and enterprises for NIHR, added: “Motilent’s innovative work to find better ways to see inside the gut and monitor how treatment is working really has the potential to improve patients’ lives, and make the healthcare system more effective. We’re really excited to see how this technology develops and proud to be supporting this research.”

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