New partnership targets better surgical education

London-based Proximie, a platform that allows surgeons to advise on operations remotely around the globe, has partnered with the Association of Program Directors in Surgery (“APDS”) in the US to advance surgical education and digitize the operation rooms “for the betterment of patient care”.

Proximie stresses that there is a need to increase the speed and access of surgical training. The pandemic has severely affected surgical training, with extra training cases required every month, above normal training activity, if recovery to pre-pandemic levels in the US within 12 months, is to be achieved, the company said

Founded in 1977, APDS provides a forum for the exchange of information and discussion on various subjects related to post-graduate surgical education. The partnership will enable better collaboration and the collective review of surgical procedures – to benefit both residents and surgical instructors – and add new capacities and deliverables for post-graduate surgical education.

The partnership objectives include creating content in the APDS library for members and helping APDS’s general surgery residency programs in understanding and advancing Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs). Also, partnering on research advancing surgical education, improving patient care, and digitizing the operating rooms.

Facilitating learning and reducing the learning curve and improving competency and quality for better patient outcomes are in the list too.

Charlie Wilhelm, general manager of the Americas at Proximie, said: “At Proximie, we are committed to advancing surgical education and digitizing the operating rooms for the betterment of patient care. Our partnership with APDS will add further momentum to our mission and we look forward to a close, productive and enduring working relationship.”

Thomas Fise, executive director of APDS, added: “It is vital we have the best possible tools for surgical education, training, and research to provide optimal patient care. We hope that by providing ready access by residency programs to Proximie’s platform, we are strengthening our commitment to represent program directors’ interests and options to cost-conserving access to shared resources in the education and training of high-quality surgeons and ultimately to other organizations, individuals and governmental agencies or regulatory bodies.”

As reported by HealthInvestor UK, earlier this year, Proximie partnered with telecommunications company Vodafone Business to accelerate the roll-out of its platform as it looks to grow more rapidly in 2022.

Date Published: April 25, 2022

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