Online cancer recovery platform launches with £1.5m backing

Perci Health
Perci Health’s cofounders, Kelly McCabe (left) and Morgan Fitzsimons

Perci Health, an online platform that gives people access to support from multidisciplinary cancer teams, has launched with £1.5 million of seed funding. The backers are oncologists and cancer surgeons from cancer centres across the UK.

Perci offers access to a range of cancer professionals with a minimum of three years’ cancer experience focused on recovery from a physical, mental, social and emotional point of view.

The company was co-founded by Kelly McCabe and Morgan Fitzsimons. McCabe is a registered oncology dietitian who was previously chief operating officer of cancer network, HCA International, and has more than 11 years’ experience in cancer care. Fitzsimons is the former global head of marketing at fashion company Asos and digital director at CBS Television in New York.

McCabe said: “People living with cancer experience a wide range of physical and psychosocial effects. Despite the fantastic treatment traditional healthcare providers offer, they’re not well-equipped to manage these diverse, ongoing, personalised needs thereafter – and once the primary cancer treatment has come to an end, many people describe feeling abandoned.

“At Perci, we’re focused on making affordable, high-quality cancer care more accessible to support people in making the best decisions about their long-term health and wellbeing. We strongly believe no treatable side effect should be left untreated.

“We’ve brought together an incredible collective of caring experts who are passionate about reducing the ripple effects of cancer, for individuals, their loved ones and society as a whole.”

Professor Peter Schmid, lead of the cancer immune therapy group at Barts Hospital, Professor of cancer medicine and lead of the Centre of Experimental Cancer Medicine at Barts Cancer Institute, and Perci Health’s medical director, said: “Having optimal supportive care networks is critical for patients recovering from cancer – for reintegration into a normal life, but also for long-term survivorship. Currently these services are not always easy to access. Perci Health has been designed to solve this problem by offering patients access to specialist cancer supportive care, provided by carefully selected specialists for their optimal recovery.”

Beverley Longhurst, oncology clinical nurse specialist and Perci Health professional, added: “As a specialist cancer nurse, I’m excited to provide hypnotherapy and yoga on the world’s first supportive oncology platform. Giving patients and carers the option of complementary therapy from an oncology specialist, who is part of a team, delivering safe, holistic, specialist support. 

 “I’ve seen first-hand the empowering difference hypnotherapy can make to alleviate treatment side effects and restore relaxation and resilience yet this is not a therapy which is easy to access, until now.”

Date published: June 30, 2021

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