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Connell C - LB Mar 2022

Proximie partners with Jhpiego in Kenya, plans its next step

Proximie - Jhpiego hospital

London-based Proximie, a platform that allows surgeons to advise on operations remotely around the globe, has teamed up with Johns Hopkins University affiliate Jhpiego to implement an Obstetric Safe Surgery (OSS) project in Kenya.

The team-up forms part of the company’s national and international expansion programme. 

Funded by Johnson & Johnson, the Jhpiego-led 22-month project aims to reduce maternal and newborn deaths. Proximie will virtually train and mentor surgical teams in Kenya. 

Dr Nadine Hachach-Haram, founder and chief executive of Proximie, tells HealthInvestor UK: “We are very excited about this synergy and the development of this relationship further. We wanted to be an enabler and bring our solution, Proximie, to virtually train surgical teams in Kenya in real-time. 

“We’ve been working in the context of global health since day one. This was an initiative that was presented to us given people’s understanding of what Proximie can deliver.” 

Sadly, in Kenya, 71% of facility-based maternal deaths are associated with caesarean sections and 90% of maternal deaths are linked to poor standardized care. 

“Solutions like Proximie are the lifeline for these situations, but it is the programmatic processing that you put around it as well. It is a solution that is enabling the collaboration delivery – but it’s through the work of Jhpiego with Johnson & Johnson and others that we can bring this capacity and scale it in Kenya,” Hachach-Haram adds. 

Over the last 18 months, the company says it has conducted tens of thousands of interactions in over 50 countries and 500 hospitals. Proximie has access to 90% of operating rooms and diagnostic suites in the UK, US, and EU. It has moved from 30-40 members of staff to 137 people today. 

Hachach-Haram says: “It’s been an incredible year. We are moving from a start-up to a scale-up. In the times of Covid-19, we stepped up and helped bring doctors and clinicians together. We’ve created a lot of impact around that, and, in the UK, we’ve penetrated many more NHS hospitals.” 

The company helped 20% of NHS hospitals throughout 2021.  

As for future plans, Nadine says: “We have big plans in the UK and internationally which aim to scale up the quality and form partnerships of workforce education. We want to continue to create and demonstrate more value and bring in the key partners that will help address key problems such as the elective care backlogs.” 

Earlier the year the company partnered with telehealth provider Teladoc and the first procedure was conducted in November. 

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