Simplyhealth takes stake in Ampersand Health

Charles Wheeldon
May 23, 2022

Health and dental plan provider Simplyhealth has invested in Ampersand, a provider of digital therapies for inflammatory conditions.

Ampersand helps clinicians and patients to manage and monitor chronic, inflammatory diseases such as Crohn’s, arthritis and psoriasis. The organisation works with scientists, clinicians and dozens of NHS trusts, to deploy behavioural interventions to improve quality of life and mental health and to implement ‘hospital at home’ pathways.

The technology has been developed in partnership with Barts Health and King’s College Hospital NHS trusts, with support from Innovate UK, NHSX and a number of national charities.

Dr Sneh Khemka, chief executive of Simplyhealth said: “At Simplyhealth we strive to accelerate the development and adoption of preventative and predictive medicine in the UK and platforms such as Ampersand are at the forefront of this new healthcare paradigm. Through innovative technology such as Ampersand, we are enabling those living with long-term health conditions, to take control of their health. Along with OcuPlan, we couldn’t be more excited to have these start-ups within Simplyhealth’s ecosystem.”

Nader Alaghband, co-founder and chief executive of Ampersand added: “600 million people worldwide live with an inflammatory disease. These diseases place a significant, lifelong burden on patients and on the systems of care around them. We’re looking forward to addressing these challenges in partnership with – and with investment from – Simplyhealth. We’re confident that our shared commitment to putting the patient at the centre of their care will enhance our impact and catalyse significant financial returns.”

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