Tunstall Healthcare calls for technology investment

Software, hardware and services company Tunstall Healthcare has called on health and social care leaders to invest in technological solutions to protect vulnerable people as winter approaches.

The Yorkshire-based company has developed a remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform which can support vulnerable people in their community, enabling early interventions to avoid the need for more complex care.

Zillah Moore, director at Tunstall Healthcare, said: “As identified by The Academy of Medical Sciences, this winter could see health and social care services facing four acute pressures: rising cases of Covid-19, disruption of the NHS, a backlog of routine care, and flu season coinciding with the current pandemic. With forecasts of unprecedented pressure on the NHS this winter, the role of robust remote patient monitoring solutions has never been better recognised, nor the need for them more acute.”

Tunstall Healthcare’s RPM platform comprises three technological solutions which enable sophisticated remote health monitoring. The ICP triagemanager portal enables remote monitoring, risk stratification and management of patients by clinical and service teams through customised or pre-approved questionnaire templates, a traffic light-prioritisation system that triages patients to identify those most in need of intervention, videoconferencing which allows communication without the need for face-to-face contact, and a library of educational content that can be made available to patients to improve their awareness and responsibility for health management.

Zillah added: “We’ve also introduced two unique apps, the single-user myMobile, and multi-use myKiosk. The applications have been specifically designed to support both individuals in their community, and residents in group living environments. The apps are easy to use and intuitive and enable patient engagement in the management of long-term conditions, alongside the effective transmission of data between patients and clinicians.”

Date published: October 14, 2020

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