Blue Zinc invests in new system for mental health therapists

Blue Zinc, a Belfast-based provider of software to the well-being and rehabilitation industry, is entering the mental health therapists sector with a new software system, part of a £2.2 million development programme, a spokesperson tells HealthInvestor UK.

The new software system, Click, will launch this month and is designed to help mental health and well-being practices manage tasks such as clinical record keeping, online booking and payment collection, and other administration tasks, while also providing a portal for patients to manage their interaction with their therapist.

The system can also plug into the Blue Zinc’s network management software which can allow therapists to interact with insurance companies and other stakeholders in the therapy process.

The company says the move comes as people around the world take mental health issues more seriously and invest in the benefits of therapy. It’s estimated that there are more than 219,000 therapy professionals across the UK. Many work in small or small-collective practices which means the administrative burden can sometimes be overwhelming.

Blue Zinc, already serves thousands of physiotherapy practices with its TM3 platform, while its case-management system Caseflow, and network connectivity utility Pronto, are used by large corporations in the medical sector such as Nuffield Health.

Blue Zinc co-chief executive Kyle Lunn said: “Mental health is probably one of the most important issues for individuals, businesses and society as a whole and yet the management tools that are offered to the sector are archaic – this leaves thousands of specialist therapists struggling to deal with increased paperwork and regulation and leaving less time to work with their patients.

“We’ve seen how our solutions can transform the musculoskeletal sector and our intention is to bring the same level of efficiency to the vital mental health and therapy sectors. Our hope is that the success of Click will lead us to be able to create even more jobs in our community.”

Date published: May 4, 2022

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