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Connell C - LB Mar 2022

Direct-to-consumer Floe Oral Care secures funding

London-based Floe Oral Care, an oral healthcare direct-to-consumer online subscription business, has secured £350,000 from a group of investors including Holland & Barrett, Mervyn Lord Davies, Tim Farazmand, Professor John Deanfield, Sir Nigel Rudd, and Julio Bruno. Existing shareholders Stephen Welton, Dr Jose Navarro, and Charles Southey are also following on.

Will Welton, co-founder of Floe Oral Care said: “If your mouth is the gateway to your body, then protecting it requires not only using the right products but also visibility of what condition your gums are in. The impact of gum disease is significant, and the prevalence of periodontitis has barely changed over the last 20 years. Our mission is to build a service that both tracks and improves oral and systemic health. We want to encourage a proactive relationship with dental care by capturing and contextualising oral health data, and are thrilled to be bringing on board a fantastic group of investors from business and healthcare as well as an excellent and highly relevant corporate partner. This is a great platform for the next stage of our development”

Tamara Rajah, chief business and science officer at Holland and Barrett, commented: “H&B are committed to making health and wellness a way of life for everyone, and to supporting early-stage innovation in wellness as part of our strategy. Recognising that effective oral health management can disproportionately impact an individual’s overall health and wellness, coupled with our interest about the potential of diagnostics, makes Floe very exciting for us.”

Julio Bruno, chief executive of Time Out Group, is joining the board as a non-executive director while Stephen Welton, founder and executive chairman of investment company BGF, will remain as the chairman. Cardiologist Professor John Deanfield joins Floe as chief medical officer, to put together an advisory board on strategy for saliva testing and future healthcare products.

Deanfield said: “We now understand the big impact oral health can have on important diseases in the rest of the body. This underpins a new opportunity to benefit from a change in approach to oral health – I am excited to be joining Floe to help address this.”

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