Doctorlink launches urgent care triage platform

Doctorlink, the online triage provider to NHS general practice, today launched an urgent care triage platform for Accident & Emergency departments, which it claims will reduce waiting times by helping patients more quickly access the correct form of clinical care for their symptoms.

Research has shown that four million A&E appointments each year are not clinically urgent. These non-urgent attendances – where symptoms and medical history indicate patients should receive care from a GP, pharmacist or other community service – represent a sixth of annual A&E visits.

To use the platform, patients will answer a set of questions about their condition on a touchscreen, which will help hospital staff to prioritise visitors. Patients whose symptoms do not indicate a need for A&E consultation will be offered other forms of care tailored to their symptoms and medical history, including face-to-face GP appointments, pharmacy consultations or safe self-care.

Doctorlink’s general practice online triage currently operates in more than 1,500 GP practices, covering 12.5 million NHS patients.

Rupert Spiegelberg, chief executive of Doctorlink said: “We’ve already seen impressive results from the use of our online triage tool in general practice. Doctorlink’s new urgent care platform will help people who need A&E attention be seen by clinicians faster than they do now. Other patients will be directed to other local services best suited to their medical history and symptoms. This can include GP appointments, pharmacy consultation, mental health services and other community health organisations.

“It is a great example of how technology can help and assist healthcare professionals for better outcomes. This is exactly what NHS emergency departments need, especially in the run up to winter and with the potential for another wave of Covid-19 demand. By directing patients to the correct form of care, practices save valuable time and money and patients get the care they need in a fraction of the time. Our platform will help emergency departments to manage demand, reduce costs and improve performance over this challenging period.”

Date published: October 5, 2020

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