AlbionVC: Dr Molly Gilmartin

Molly Gilmartin, AlbionVC
Molly Gilmartin

London-based investment company AlbionVC has appointed Dr Molly Gilmartin as a healthtech investor in its investment team.

Gilmartin was a founding member of AlbionVC’s portfolio company Pando, a messaging and workflow tool for doctors. Today she has joined from Mckinsey & Company, where she was an associate. Gilmartin has experience working on the front line in healthcare and technology, having formerly been chief commercial officer of Induction Healthcare Group, and an NHS England clinical entrepreneur.

Gilmartin will work alongside Andrew Elder and Christoph Ruedig who have led investments in leading European healthtech companies including Healios, NuvoAir, Oviva and Exco InTouch.

Healthcare partner Ruedig said: “Molly’s roles in leadership positions within health technology companies, on the healthcare frontline as a medical doctor and as a consultant provide her with a unique experience and skillset to find and support the next generation of healthcare disruptors in Europe.”

Gilmartin commented: “I first got to know AlbionVC five years ago when fundraising with Pando, and today I am delighted to join the team. AlbionVC has established itself as a European leader in digital health over the past 20 years. It has both a deep understanding of the landscape, and a proven track record of supporting entrepreneurs in bringing transformational healthtech solutions to market. This is something I am deeply passionate about. The right digital health tools and teams have the potential to not only elevate the industry, but to save lives. I’ve seen, first-hand, the challenges healthcare groups face, and how an innovative approach to solving these challenges can have a huge impact across the board. I can’t wait to uncover and work with the next-generation of founders making such impacts in my role as healthtech investor at AlbionVC.”

AlbionVC is a long-term investor focused on business-to-business software, healthcare and deeptech. Over the past two decades, it has built a large portfolio of European healthcare companies and its current portfolio includes 15 healthtech companies that span digital care, GP and hospital solutions, data aggregation, artificial intelligence analytics and decentralised clinical trials. Through the UCL Technology Fund, the company has invested in more than 40 life science companies and assets, and it has supported four Nasdaq IPOs.

AlbionVC stated that it is building out its platform offering with the hiring of four new team members who have yet to be named.

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