AltoVerde: Dr Kuldip Birdi

Kuldip Birdi , AltoVerde
Kuldip Birdi

London-based cannabis company AltoVerde has appointed Dr Kuldip Birdi as medical director.

Birdi will work with AltoVerde to help oversee its programme for medical cannabis and its expansion across Europe.

Birdi has 15 years’ experience working for the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. He has technical knowledge as a final signatory with in-depth knowledge of the ABPI, IPHA and ABHI Codes for the pharmaceutical and health technology industries. He also has experience in medical affairs across multiple therapeutic areas, including neurology and oncology.

Mitesh Makwana, founder and chairman of AltoVerde, said: “The key to unlocking the true potential of medical cannabis is through strong partnerships with the pharmaceutical industry. Only through such means will the pharma truly understand the benefits of cannabis-based medicinal products, and the cannabis industry be able to formulate medicinal products in accordance with the country regulations.”

“Dr Birdi, with his experience in both sectors is ideally suited for this role, and we look forward to working with him towards bringing greater acceptance of medicinal cannabis products both to the public and the medical sector itself.”

Birdi commented: “AltoVerde’s ethos is inspiring. When I was first introduced to the company, I realised immediately how AltoVerde was setting itself apart from its competitors and how unique it would become. I am a true believer in the patient-centred approach to management with medical cannabis which is what the company aims to do. I am excited to be part of the business at this stage and of something which will no doubt grow and shape the medical cannabis industry.”

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