Bluecrest Wellness: Dr Martin Thornton

Worthing-based private health check provider Bluecrest Wellness has appointed Dr Martin Thornton as chief medical officer to lead the clinical oversight of the company’s health assessments, and the subsequent health advice given to individuals and businesses.

Thornton will oversee the organisation’s clinical processes and contribute to its long-term strategy. His first focus will be on enhancing how data is delivered to business clients to inform health and wellbeing initiatives in the workplace, while supporting the expansion of the tests which Bluecrest performs.

Thornton qualified in medicine at the University of Liverpool, followed by a research degree in regenerative medicine at The University of Manchester. For the past 15 years he has been a practising GP, leading various practices. He was a partner in a practice in Buckinghamshire where he created a primary care network, integrating health coaches, pharmacists and nurses.

Thornton said: “I see lots of patients struggling, especially later in life, with chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease and dementia. What we know now is that there’s a significant amount of that which is preventable. We can protect our quality of life for longer by doing some very simple things in terms of nutrition, physical exercise, and sleep.

“The trouble is we’re constantly being told to do those things, but they don’t hit home unless they’re personalised. If you know what’s making your body tick and what’s not ticking quite right, using testing. This gives you the information, the motivation and the opportunity to do something about it.

“The reason I like Bluecrest is because they not only give really good data to patients, but their coverage and face-to-face interactions mean people can really manage and monitor their own health on a national scale.

“I’m looking forward to being part of this really enthusiastic, positive group of people doing something I think is incredibly worthwhile. It’s a great team with a great mission, and the potential to make a huge difference to the nation’s health. I’ve always been interested in empowering my patients to take control of their own health; for me Bluecrest Wellness is another step towards that goal.”

Bluecrest Wellness’s chief executive Dominque Kent commented: “We think we’re perfectly placed to support businesses to enable people to take their health into their own hands and live health confident. We think Martin is perfectly placed to help us achieve that. His leadership experience, years on the front line, and real passion for prevention make him exactly the right person to be our clinical lead.”

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