Health Tech Enterprise: Max Bardwell and Ema Douksaite

Health Tech Enterprise (HTE), a Cambridge-based health technology consultancy, has appointed Max Bardwell as head of business development, to oversee domestic and international business development, focusing on building new strategic partnerships with industry, academic and governmental organisations in the healthtech sector.

Bardwell, formerly of the Medical Technologies Innovation Facility, has experience in technology development for public and private sector organisations

THE has also appointed Ema Douksaite as health economist to develop HTE’s health economics service offering and tasked with delivering cost benefit impact models, costing tools and health economic evaluation reports to enable innovators to identify market opportunities, secure funding, and gain access to healthcare markets such as the NHS.

Douksaite contributed to the OECD Strategic Public Health Planning Covid-19 model by analysing multi-country economic responsiveness to teleworking practices.

Dr Anne Blackwood, HTE’s chief executive said: “We offer a full-range of services to support medical technology innovators throughout the product development journey, from concept to commercialisation and final roll-out. The appointment of Max and Ema reflects our ability to connect more organisations than ever with the tools they need to provide future-ready innovations to international healthcare markets and our own NHS partners here in the UK.”

HTE works with the NHS, academia, the medtech industry and government organisations to help turn innovative ideas into products and services to benefit patients.

Ema Dauksaite

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