Practice Plus Group: Alyson Lockley, Colman Moher and Ross Dowsett

Independent healthcare provider Practice Plus Group, has added three executives to its board: its first ever chief marketing officer, Alyson Lockley; chief financial officer Colman Moher; and chief operating officer, Ross Dowsett. 

Managed by private equity firm Bridgepoint, Practice Plus Group rebranded from Care UK in 2020. Private healthcare now represents 15% of Practice Plus Group’s secondary care revenue.

Lockley has significant experience of B2C and B2B marketing in a number of industry sectors including healthcare, where she has launched new brands, as well as transformed iconic brands using traditional and digital marketing channels to drive revenue.

Moher has expertise in working with private equity models, and Dowsett was promoted to chief operating officer last year after working as managing director of primary care. 

Practice Plus Group ‘s chief executive Jim Easton said: “We remain committed to the NHS and will continue to be predominantly an NHS provider, however it’s only through self-pay that we will remain a financially sustainable partner to the NHS in the long term. With very little fanfare we have created a £21 million revenue business in self-pay. Alyson’s appointment in particular reflects the fact that we’re beginning to take a bolder approach to marketing our fantastic offer to people who want rapid access to high-quality treatment without the unnecessary costs associated with the traditional ‘hotel-like’ private hospital.”

Lockley commented: “We know from our research that many of our patients are self-employed and worried about how the long NHS waiting list for a new hip or knee will affect their income; people who feel burdened by pain coupled with the worry of costs spiralling and the complexity of traditional private healthcare. I’m excited by the opportunity to grow our transparent, honest alternative which delivers excellent clinical care, as well as price certainty and value.”

Dowsett added: “Our simpler and easier self-pay offer speaks to our ethos as an organisation, which is to unlock access to excellent healthcare for all. I’m looking forward to working closely with Alyson, Colman and the rest of the board to realise our vision in secondary care and grow the business as a whole.”

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