Kelsey launches UK arm of Beamtree

Former NHS England national director Tim Kelsey has announced an international division of Beamtree, the Australian company he leads that that works with health organisations around the world to capture, manage and leverage human expertise. It will focus on artificial intelligence in health, clinical decision support, data quality and analytics supporting better health outcomes

Based in London and led by coding policy expert Jennifer Nobbs and former Paterson Inquiry advisor Alex Kafetz, Beamtree stated it will work with healthcare organisations in the UK to solve real-world problems in healthcare: unwarranted variation in clinical outcomes and patient experience, inequity of access, financial assurance and equity of resource allocation. The aim is to renew the emphasis on using routine data, combined with AI and real-time decision support to focus the attention of hospital executives and renew their commitment to the quality agenda.

The work will be supported by an advisory committee chaired by international health expert, leader and author Dr Mark Britnell. Committee membership will be drawn from renowned thought leaders with a brief to improve patient outcomes and safety by using health data. The global committee will provide advice on strategies and policies which promote best practice and innovation in health data.

Date published: September 1, 2021

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