On-site health services demand picks up as employees return to office

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More and more London businesses are looking to add on-site health and wellbeing centres in their facilities to give employees a reason to return to the office, HealthInvestor UK hears from Soraya Chamberlain, vice president of corporate sales at HCA Healthcare UK.

Return to office strategies have been developed and hybrid working is now in place for businesses, but still, some 25-30% of people are quite anxious about getting on a train, Chamberlain explains. Others cite dog separation anxiety as just one of the biggest issues for employees coming back to the office.

“We’re seeing an increased demand and interest for those on-site centres,” she says. “Some of them are wellness and preventative orientated. Others are more clinical – having GPs and psychologists on site.

“Employers want to give people a reason to come to the office, not only to collaborate but also spend their day in London, connect, socialise but also benefit from a health assessment, join a lunch and learn session, see a psychologist, or GP. “

HCA Healthcare UK today supports more than 20 employers with onsite services in central London. “We’ve had an increase in tenders already this year for similar services. Corporations are going to look at it very differently in the coming six to 12 months.

“There has never been a better time for employers to focus and invest in corporate health and wellbeing.  The great news is there are plenty of options available to deliver to their needs,” Chamberlain adds.

Corporates want to invest significantly in creating awareness and in better educating their employees around topics such as fertility, maternity, menopause, mental health —especially in resilience and burnout — and neurodiversity, supporting parents with neurodivergent children but also helping employers support and attract neurodivergent employees, according to Chamberlain.

Employers are now looking to employ more neurodivergent individuals so that they have a much more inclusive workforce, she says, adding that businesses are recognising they can be a much more effective and productive business, if they take a much more inclusive approach to recruitment, but also supporting those individuals in the working environment.

Date published: April 27, 2022

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