Tegria invests in digital health consultancy Cloud21

Seattle-headquartered global health technology consultancy Tegria has invested in digital health consultancy Cloud21, based in Kings Hill in Kent.

Tegria’s founder Providence is a not-for-profit integrated care organisation, and one of the largest health systems in the US. Cloud21 stated it will leverage Tegria’s global team of more than 3,500 clinicians, technologists, scientists and strategists.

Dr Tony Corkett, chief executive of Cloud21, commented: “This investment is enabling Cloud21 to provide a unique offering to the health and social care sector, whether it is in helping providers level-up or scale-up their digital abilities at a local, regional and national level in the UK.

“For technology to deliver benefits and enable staff to provide care effectively, we need to match any technology investment with equal investments in implementation and change management – taking our people on the journey and making the new processes work in the real world. Working with Tegria enhances our capabilities to deliver this at scale, throughout the entire digital journey.”

Justin Jozwik, managing director of Tegria added: “As the NHS moves towards establishing integrated care boards and places and addresses the operational and cultural challenges of digital transformation, our end-to-end experience means we are uniquely placed to share decades of learning around optimising digital and data.

“This, combined with Cloud21’s strong footprint as a trusted partner to the NHS and unmatched understanding of the varying levels of need across the sector, gives us an unprecedented opportunity to make meaningful change at pace and scale.”

Date published: March 30, 2022

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