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Connell C - LB Mar 2022

Totally’s Urgent Care division secures contract extensions across London

Totally chief executive Wendy Lawrence
Totally chief executive Wendy Lawrence

Totally, a provider of front line healthcare services, corporate fitness and wellbeing services across the UK and Ireland, has signed contract extensions for the provision of five urgent treatment centres (UTCs) across Northwest London, together valued at £19 million.

The extensions have been awarded to Totally’s subsidiaries, Greenbrook Healthcare and Vocare, which make up its Urgent Care division and run until 31 January 2023.

In addition, Greenbrook has been awarded a contract extension for the delivery of its virtual streaming service in Southeast London. The contract extension, which enables patients who have been directed to a UTC by NHS 111 to see a clinician virtually, is worth £400,000 and runs to September this year. 

Totally’s chief executive Wendy Lawrence said: “Each year, we divert more than 800,000 patients from busy emergency departments, ensuring that they are seen in the most appropriate environment, waiting times are minimised and that NHS colleagues can focus on those patients that only they can treat.

“This continuation of services in Northwest London is built upon established relationships with the healthcare commissioners and reflects the demand that urgent treatment centres and emergency departments continue to experience. 

“Our virtual consultation service, delivered in partnership with the London Ambulance Service for Southeast London, is one way that we are working with NHS colleagues to develop new models of care to support a reduction of demand for face-to-face services. The service has the potential to support emergency departments and UTCs nationally and reduce the number of patients needing to attend services in person.”

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