Healthcode: Richard Aris

Healthcode, an online products and services provider for the private healthcare sector, has appointed Richard Aris as head of business development to help the company achieve its ambitious growth strategy.

Aris will plan and direct Healthcode’s sales and development activity and report to managing director, Peter Connor. He will lead the business development team in building strong, long-term partnerships with practices, hospitals and insurers, providing them with support and keeping them informed about products and services that will help them operate more efficiently.

Aris previously managed distribution sales for FTSE-listed Just Group, a financial services provider specialising in retirement income. He began his career at health insurer Bupa.

Connor said: “I’m delighted to welcome someone of Richard’s calibre to Healthcode. This is an exhilarating chapter in our company’s story as we invest across the board including our people, infrastructure and product development so we can raise our performance to a new level. Richard’s proven expertise and leadership skills will further strengthen our team and ensure we are able to deliver solutions that align with our customers’ strategic goals.”    

Ali commented: “When I first left private healthcare, businesses still worked in quite an old-fashioned way compared to other sectors, particularly when it came to the administration of claims and remittances. I always liked the idea of coming back and helping businesses to streamline their processes and this is Healthcode’s mission too so it felt like the perfect match.

“Although I am new to the company, I’ve already been impressed with how my colleagues have built relationships across the sector. Now I want us to inspire customers by talking about Healthcode’s plans and exciting product roadmap so they understand how the solutions we are developing will support their business and the industry as a whole.” 

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