Agincare: Cher Goodyer-El Meheiry

Cher Goodyer-El Meheiry

Independent care provider Agincare has appointed Cher Goodyer-El Meheiry as clinical lead for its live-in care service, tasked with ensuring each care worker receives the right training to understand client’s needs and conditions. These include schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, strokes, acquired brain injury, motor neurone disease, functional neurological disorder, Parkinson’s, and complex auto-immune disorders.

Goodyer-El Meheiry will support clients with complex needs in all steps of the process, from initial care assessment, care worker selection and the delivery of the care package.

Agincare live-in care provides 24-hour care to vulnerable people in the community, allowing them to live independently as possible in their own homes.

As part of the quality control of the live-in care service, Goodyer-El Meheiry will regularly visit care workers to ensure they are delivering the best care possible and meeting the needs of their client. She will also keep in regular contact with family and loved ones of clients, making sure their opinions and views are taken into account.

Goodyer-El Meheiry has spent her entire professional career in the health and social care sector working across the UK and continental Europe and her field of expertise includes neuro-orthopaedic rehabilitation, cardio-thoracic surgery, community nursing, disability analysis, sectioned adults, dementia, mental health, and addiction.

After many years as a registered nurse in the UK, Goodyer-El Meheiry ran her own domiciliary care service looking after people with complex and technical needs in Monaco, and later in France. Her latter career saw her join the UK civil service as a disability assessor for the Department of Work and Pensions. As part of this role, she was appointed as a mental function champion, advising fellow healthcare professionals in best practice for assisting people with mental health issues.

Goodyer-El Meheiry said: “I take great pride in the high-quality care we deliver and am always keen to involve family and loved ones every step of the way. I am very proud to use my knowledge and expertise to help those in the community that need it the most.”

Agincare’s managing director of live-in care service, Sam Mayes, commented: “I am very pleased to have Cher working with us as clinical lead; her many years of experience and expert knowledge are invaluable as we see more clients with complex needs using our services.

“Cher’s appointment to clinical lead marks an exciting chapter for Agincare live-in care service as it continues to grow and expand its national presence.”

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