Orbis Education & Care: Rob McKay and Linda Bridge

Orbis Education & Care has appointed Rob McKay as its first chief operating officer and Linda Bridge as its HR director. 

McKay has worked in a range of senior care-based and educational roles, and will be responsible for consolidating operations across Orbis’ rapidly expanding portfolio of sites in England and Wales.

With extensive experience working across high-end legal and retail organisations, Bridge will promote the development of a supportive workplace environment as the Orbis team grows. 

Mike Currier, chief executive of Orbis Education and Care, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Rob and Linda at what is an extremely exciting time for our company. The addition of Rob’s role as incoming chief operating officer will provide key organisational support, while Linda’s acumen for all things HR will support the buy-in required to achieve these aims.”

“Each position has a pivotal role to play in the ongoing success of our organisation and we couldn’t be more delighted to have both roles filled by individuals not only with the professional expertise we need to succeed, but also with the passion and empathy required of all those working within the Orbis family as a whole.”

McKay said: “To be joining the senior team of one of the UK’s fastest-growing care sector companies is hugely exciting and a great honour too. With growth both rapid and ongoing, I’m really looking forward to supporting the organisation in consolidating operations so that it may continue on the same trajectory for the benefit of all.”

Bridge added: “With Orbis continually opening new facilities across Wales and in England too, the need to recruit and retain the best people in support of the adults and children in our care has never been greater. I’m looking forward to making Orbis an even better place to work and to develop a career in return for the hard work and dedication of all those who have already, or may be looking to join our cause.”

Orbis Education & Care is headquartered in Cardiff.

Compass Executives advised on Rob McKay's appointment.

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